Front Seat Capital is an investment firm focused on supporting companies that are significantly impacting the world and delivering exceptional returns to its partners.


We have four major lines of business:

  1. Venture capital

  2. Venture building

  3. Cryptocurrency investing and trading

  4. Liquid assets trading

Founding partners Guilherme Cherman (Bill) and Guilherme Nigri (Will) have been investing in these sectors since 2012.





Lagoa Corporate, 7th floor
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

San Francisco, CA, USA

VENTURE Portfolio

Below are the assets that Front Seat Capital and its partners hold in their venture portfolios. This list may not be complete and up-to-date, especially as some of our investments are confidential.





  • Founding Partner, Front Seat Capital

  • Co-founder and Chairman, Repair Biotechnologies

  • Former McKinsey consultant

  • Gold medalist at Brazilian Mathematics Olympiad

  • #1 globally in Bloomberg BAT Exam

  • B.A. in Economics, PUC-Rio



  • Founding Partner, Front Seat Capital

  • Co-founder and Chairman, Audlist

  • Former corporate lawyer at Pinheiro Neto, a Tier 1 law firm in Brazil

  • J.D., FGV-Rio



At Front Seat Capital, we are always looking for exceptional investment opportunities in companies and products that can significantly improve the world.

There are some particular ideas that we would particularly enjoy funding, but we can't find entrepreneurs that are already executing on them. That’s why we decided to create this page: a Request for Startups.

Below, you see some of our ideas for companies that we would like to incubate and help start. We are ready to provide the initial capital and support for entrepreneurs who want to be part of the founding executive team in starting them, or are starting to build them themselves .

If you are interested in building one of the companies below, ping us at!

App for making people happier for general well-being, not just meditation. An app that would act as some kind of therapist, helping you reduce negative emotions like stress, anxiety and depression, and increase positive emotions like joy, love, and happiness. The app could include videos, texts, exercises, and games that are proven to be effective therapies (e.g. CBT, positive psychology). An antidote to the high-stress and high-social-comparison apps of the 21st century like Facebook and Instagram.

High-quality business university

A university that taught the practical skills needed to succeed in business: finance, economics, statistics, management, technology, professional development, etc. A mix of the content you see at Wharton/Chicago/Harvard MBA with the philosophy of Lambda School. Having all its content open-source and being in English are pluses.

This university could be started anywhere, but we would favor the U.S. (for all the reasons most companies start there) or Brazil (where there is a huge unmet need, and we have local expertise).

Lean bank for businesses, in Brazil

A bank that operates in a very lean, efficient manner and offers standard services to businesses at lower rates than market. In Brazil, the average interest on business loans is about 12% above the base rate, while the default rate is a meager 3%. There is room to serve clients better and still enjoy super-healthy margins.